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What’s In A Name? Why Would You Change It?

When we started our tent and party rental business 10-short years ago we would never have imagined that we would be a regional company and named to the Top 30 Rental Companies in the United States two years running by Special Events Magazine. At the time we felt that the name Dallas Party Tent and Event (our first location) embodied everything that told our prospective clients what exactly we did (parties – tents – events). Over the next 10-years we opened locations in west Texas, Oklahoma City, Houston and culminating with the acquisition of the central Texas Aztec Events and Tents. With these locations we are able to service the entire states of Texas and Oklahoma and often travel well beyond these borders.

Each of these locations have come to be leaders in their individual markets, but there was really nothing tying all the locations together. After a lot of soul searching and “gnashing of teeth” we decided that it was time to re-brand all of our locations under one name. Deciding to rebrand and actually doing it was much more of an arduous task than we imagined…….re-doing company signs, websites, truck logos, bank accounts, etc. etc.…….and most importantly coming up with a name that conveys the correct message we want to communicate to our clients.

Peerless Events and Tents was the chosen name that we felt encompassed everything we need to communicate to our customers. Peerless is an adjective meaning incomparable · matchless · unrivaled · inimitable. The definition of Peerless and the standard that adopting such a name was not lost on us. As a matter of fact for those of us who played sports, we equated choosing the name Peerless as choosing a jersey with the number “1” on it. If you are wearing #1 on your jersey you darn well better be able to back that bravado up on the playing field! To that end when we chose the name Peerless we did so knowing very well that we would need to always be on our toes and striving to be “incomparable”, “matchless”, “unrivaled” and “inimitable”: in other words we needed to live up to choosing the #1 for our jersey!

So what’s in a name and why would you change it? In short EVERYTHING is in a name and changing it conveys the confidence we have after the past 10-years that we are certainly Peerless.

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