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Why Are Our Tents Always So Clean?

One of the most frequent compliments that we receive relates to how impressed our customers are with the cleanliness and serviceability of our tent rentals. Many have used other tent rental companies for years before attending an event where they saw our sparkling white tent rentals and now are “life-long” customers. We are one of the only tent rental company in Texas that uses a $150,000 hot water tent washer where we wash EVERY tent EVERY time it is used. Our competitors wash their tents “as needed” by placing them on the ground and scrubbing them with a broom. NO ONE matches our tent cleanliness. By the way: did you know we also are one of the few tent companies that have a $10,000 automatic chair washer? If cleanliness of your rental equipment is important – then your only choice is Peerless Events and Tents!

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