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Tablescape Inspiration: A Wedding in Rustic Hobo Chic

Tablescape (n.)



For this month’s tablescape inspiration, we’ll look at the ways to create eclectic chic by mixing and matching elements from various design styles. Our tablescape this month is eclectic yet homespun, one Event Consultant Adriana Alvarado refers to as “Rustic Hobo Chic.”

The wedding was held at the art gallery/venue Brick at Blue Star in San Antonio, Texas. The event rental furniture and decor were provided by Peerless Events & Tents San Antonio.

The bride and groom’s reception tablescape included burlap linens, farm-style table seating, classic White Lilly China, crossback chairs, basic Duke flatware, and, for accent, brightly-colored Carousel Novelty Goblets in Dusk Blue, Amethyst, Pink, and Olive Green.

Adriana Alvarado shares insight on this tablescape, plus the inspiration behind the bride and groom’s design choices. She talks about creating contrast with accent pieces, and shares some tips for creating similar styles at your next event.

About the Event

OccasionA Private Wedding at the Art Gallery
Theme/Style“Rustic Hobo Chic”
DateSaturday, Feb. 23, 2019
Venue Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex
LocationSan Antonio, Texas
Event RentalsPeerless Events & Tents San Antonio
Event ConsultantAdriana Alvarado

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Q&A with Adriana Alvarado

How would you describe the setting, theme, & style of the wedding?

Rustic Hobo Chic. The venue is an art gallery as well.

Why did the bride & groom choose these items for their tablescape?

The bride loved the burlap linens and they really fit well with the theme.  She wanted a home feeling… The farm tables and cross back chairs gave her that. She chose the most basic flatware, but the colored goblets zhuzh’ed it up a little.

What was your favorite piece used in this tablescape & why?

The different colored goblets. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but really liked how it all came together in the end.

How can our readers recreate the theme of this tablescape theme at home?

Don’t be afraid to mix things like we did with the colored goblet glasses in this tablescape. The same effect can be created by mixing chairs or even china.

Do you have any advice for readers about designing their tablescape decor?

Choose a color in the centerpiece to compliment your flatware, table numbers or china. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy: focus on one or two things that are special to you and let the rest go.

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