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See Tent Rentals In A New Way

One of the best things about tent rentals is the wide range of uses a tent can provide. In the most practical use case, you can rent a tent with no accessories for protection from the sun and rain. To further retreat from the forces of mother nature, you can add sidewalls and upgrade to a heated or cooled tent. This practical upgrade allows you to hold an event in any location, which means you can escape from the confines of stuffy ballrooms and expand your event to the most exotic and interesting places in Texas. Speaking of ballrooms, wouldn’t a tent lack the amenities of an event venue? That’s entirely up to you! You can add catering tents, high-end portable restroom trailers, lounge areas, and any other amenity that a traditional event space may have. But what about the ambiance, style, and look? Aren’t tents plain looking? A tent can certainly be very plain looking if that is what you want, but the plain clean white structure is also a blank canvas for a creative mind to fill. You can add color with lighting and create any theme or look with accessories like flooring, lounge furniture, fabric, props, décor, and anything else you can imagine!

Take a look at the galleries below to see how our clients have added creative touches and found creative spaces in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio Texas for our tent rentals in the past.

Transform Your Tent Rental With Lighting

Rent the right combination and style of lighting to any tent to transport your guests into an exotic world!

Rent Flooring To Complete The Look and Feel

You can rent flooring in many styles and colors. Pick the perfect floor that complements the theme and style of your event.

Rent Lounge Furniture For Your Guests

You can add in any element to your tent rental that a traditional venue may have. Create a comfortable and inviting space for your guests to recline and relax.

Add Fabric And Decor To Create A Memorable Space

Your tent is also your canvas! Create wonderful worlds that whisk your guests of to magical and foreign lands no matter where you install your tent.

Set Up Your Tent In Unique Places

You don’t have to be limited to standard venue spaces because you can have our highly qualified team install a tent at almost any location.

Make You Next Event Memorable

Call one of our friendly tent rental experts today!