Structure Tents

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Structure Tents have taller perimeter legs that are spaced further apart, no center poles, and a higher ceiling than a Pole or Frame Tent. A Structure Tent can be staked, anchored into concrete or anchored with concrete blocks. The rafters and beams are much heavier and can support more weight than any other type of tent. This tent gives the user more options for hanging heavier decorations, lighting, audio/video fixtures, fans and extensive fabric draping.

The Structure Tent has tighter fitting sections and walls, which give the user a more sealed tent when heating and air-conditioning. This tent has the highest wind and storm ratings, which make it ideal for long term installations such as construction sites and renovation projects. Although, no matter what type of tent you have, always evacuate a tent in adverse weather.

This tent can be fully draped from ceiling to floor for extensive decorating.

The Structure Tent also provides wider openings and taller ceilings for events such as car shows or concerts. The increased cost in purchasing and increased labor for installation make this tent more expensive to rent than a Pole Tent or Frame Tent.

A Structure Tent is an excellent option for installations that demand more performance from the tent. We have Structure Tents ranging in widths from 20′ to 100′ and lengths as much as 200′ plus.