Pole Tents

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  • For safety reasons, our pole tents require a surface that we are able to stake into with 42" stakes or drill into with concrete anchors.
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Pole Tents have perimeter side-poles and also center-poles going down the center of the tent. In 80′-wide and 100′-wide Pole Tents there are 2 sets of center-poles (twin pole) down the middle. In 20′, 30′, 40′ and 60′-wide tents there is only 1 set of center-poles. Pole Tents use ratchet straps that extend to stakes or concrete anchors that are 5-8 feet out from each side pole.

Pole Tents must be staked into grass/asphalt or anchored into concrete. Water barrels are not an option on this tent. Lights and fans can be mounted to the center-poles and/or the perimeter-poles. Center-poles and side-poles can be draped to render a more elegant look. Sidewalls can be installed so that the tent can be heated or air-conditioned. Minimal install/removal labor cost makes this tent a great value.

Pole Tents have elegant sweeping curves, which makes them a very attractive option for weddings, parties and gatherings that have plenty of space. Most of our Pole Tents (except 40′-wide Pole Tents) are engineered with a wind rating of 72 mph.