The pricing on our website is used as a starting point and can change based on availability.

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Heating and Cooling Rental Equipment 

Are you in need of climate control solutions for your next outdoor event? Peerless Events & Tents has the heating and cooling rentals for you! Outdoor event fans, air conditioning rentals, heaters and generators keep guests comfortable during any event or party. Whether you live in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin, you can plan for inclement weather with our portable rentals.

The pricing on our website is used as a starting point and can change based on availability. 

Cooling and Fan Rentals for Events and Parties

At Peerless, we offer the option to add sidewalls to any tent rental structure to adequately heat or cool your venue. We know the weather in Texas doesn't always cooperate with your plans, so we offer a backup strategy. Rent fans and other cooling accessories for your wedding, concert, sporting function, corporate party or any other outdoor event. 

The cooling rentals we offer include:

  • Pedestal fans: The versatility and ease-of-use of pedestal fan rentals make them an excellent addition to any outdoor wedding or event.  
  • Cool A Zone Evaporative Coolers: These rentals cool up to about a 1,200 square foot area. 
  • WayCool Evaporative Cooler: If you rent a WayCool Evaporative Cooler for your wedding, you'll lower temperatures up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tent-mounted fan: Rent a mounted fan for your wedding to provide a more comfortable environment for wait staff and guests.
  • Tent air conditioning rental: If you're going to have an outdoor wedding in the South, an air-conditioned tent is a must. With an air conditioning rental, your cake will stay intact, and you'll be able to keep the dance floor free of sweat.
  • Diesel generator: Generator rentals are ideal for cooling tents for a large number of guests. First, verify the length of electrical cable needed to hook up any portable components to the power supply. If the cable is on the longer side, the generator will have to be large enough to maintain adequate voltage. Our 25-kilowatt diesel generator rentals are big enough to provide enough energy for large parties. Our experienced team can also help you decide if a generator is right for your event.

Indoor Heater Rentals for Parties and Events

Although rare, the weather for your indoor party or event in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or the surrounding areas may be too cold. Using the right portable heating equipment is essential to any successful event. Choose from our selection of heater rentals for your next indoor party:

  • Tripod electric heater: Our tripod electric heater comes equipped with a heavy-duty stand explicitly made for commercial use.
  • Patio heater: Patio heater rentals are a safe and effective way to heat a space of any size. These heaters don't produce flames or greenhouse gases and can convert up to 98 percent of energy to heat. 
  • Tent heater: Tent heater rentals are placed outside the tent, and are a convenient, safe way to make sure all guests at your event are comfortable. Our experienced event consultants can help you choose the right size heater rental for your party.

Ready to order heating or cooling equipment for your next indoor or outdoor event? Reach out to us today at our Austin, Houston, San Antonio or Dallas locations or fill up your cart to receive a free a quote.