New trends will create loads of opportunities to connect, innovate, and inspire at your next event. Here are the big industry trends you can expect to see this year in 2019.

1. Interactive Experiences

In 2019, we’re seeing a shift to even more interactivity in events: think active over passive, and from static to dynamic.

In a development that’s absolutely shocking to no one who’s ever sat in a boring lecture hall, event planners have discovered that people like doing things. When a guest is kind enough to commit their time to your event, they want to participate in creating an experience. And in 2019, people want this experience even more.

Creating interactive events not only entertains your guests, but it gives you the opportunity to forge long-lasting memories and customer relationships. People remember experiences. And that’s what event attendees (most notably, millennials) want: experiences.

Your event is an opportunity to engage with your customers in real time- forging connections and creating intrinsically valuable experiences and forging real, meaningful connections. That goes farther than any marketing campaign ever can.

2. Digital Integration

Pole Tent Rental LED Lighting with Digital Integration Event Design Trends
Pure lighting with digital integration and purple-tinged atmospheric effects on dance floor.

The term “digital” has long-past become ubiquitous. Digital features are just features. That being said, many private or small business events have been slow to fully utilize the potential of digital integration. Whatever happens at your event, it’s going to be photographed, recorded, and shared. In 2019, as in 2018, we’ll see increased integration of marketing with social media and the tools digital provides us.

On-demand Snapchat Geofilters or augmented reality filters are relatively inexpensive and encourage guests to participate in your event. Photo staging backgrounds for guests to take photos for their personal social media are also popular (and, again, relatively low-cost). Guests want to create their own memories- help them out.

If you’re hosting a wedding, impress your guests by turning that old-school bulletin digital. Apps could feature seating charts, course menus, check-in or digital guestbooks, maps, FAQ, vendor listings, or even social media integration.

Digital event features make it easy to impress, but they also play into the next big trend we’ll see in 2019: custom everything and openness.

3. Social Furniture & Open Spaces

Structure Elegant Wedding Party Furniture Rental Design 2019 Trends

Lounge furniture arranged to create an open, interactive event space.

Creating an interactive event makes your guests feel important, and custom everything plays into this- even down to the atmosphere created by your layout. Features like social furniture, crowd-responsive lighting, and open lounge spaces will be big in 2019. Again, we’re shifting from static to dynamic. It sounds kitschy, but the right furniture and layout design truly create an atmosphere that no playlist, menu, or app ever could. We’ll see a lot more focus on utility, versatility, and guest comfort.

People like the feeling that they have choices and can direct their own experiences. You’d be surprised at the difference the right event layout creates. Speaking of design, not everything is getting a futuristic upgrade.

4. Contrasting Linens and Rich Colors for Retro Vibes

Contrasting Linens and Rich Colors Banquet Table 2019 Trends

While retro’s been a persistent design trend for most of 2018, experts predict that throwback-inspired decor is not over- yet. Instead, designers will use its classic appeal to create new takes on modern design.

“Retro is art nouveau, it’s art deco, it’s minimalist, it’s hippie chic, it’s Hollywood glam—it’s everything,” says L.A.-based design marketer Michael Zimmerman. “I think the retro vibe is going to carry over.”1

This could mean new takes on how we think of retro, with 70s and 80s styles not disappearing, but adopting a new retro look that’s both trendy and reminiscent of what your grandparents would call “the finer times.”

Think texture, contrast, and sharp lines. “Rich velvets and suedes,” event manager Kristen Rollins says, “ [patterns] sometimes reminiscent of your grandmother’s house–will continue to be a popular fabric for linens and lounges, as they provide texture and a pop of color to any look.”

5. Mid-century Modern Rental Furniture

Lighting Under Clear Frame Tent Rental 2019 Trends
Colorful lighting under frame tent rental with integrated shadow effects and added visuals.

Speaking of retro chic, rental furniture will roll back the clock even further with mid-century, 1950s-era style furniture pieces making a comeback at events.

“Mid-century styling is emerging as the go-to for rental furniture… and seating… favoring clean lines, bold colors and a lower profile,” predicts Minnesota-based design strategist Sheree Bochenek3

Since most major events rely heavily on rentals, these specialty pieces such as traditional-modern table rentals and lounge decor could see the industry play a vital role in the age of Instagram (and no, we’re not just saying that).

6. Crowd-Responsive Lighting

Colorful lighting under frame tent rental with integrated shadow effects and added visuals.

Creative use of lighting is one of the event designers’ oldest tricks. In 2019, you’ll see even more audience-focused event lighting uses. Creating areas with crowd-responsive LED lights, whether you choose a dance floor or a gazebo, can ignite the senses of your guests and go a long way in delivering a memorable experience. While crowd-responsive lighting was once a feature reserved only for art displays and large concerts, we’re seeing more and more use of it at events from conferences to wedding receptions. Responsive lighting coupled with the right layout creates an atmosphere that’s not only invigorating to the senses but virtually impossible to forget.

7. Sustainable Thinking and Social Consciousness

Elegant Sustainable Design in Pole Tent with Leaves and String Lights 2019 Trends
Elegant tablescape decor event design with pole tent by Peerless Events & Tents.

Yes, going green was already a popular vibe. But ethically-sourced goods, locally grown foods, and cruelty-free or environmentally low-impact status will continue to be a symbol of quality, class, and, well- being a decent human being. The eco-conscious 2018 Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who requested donations to favorite nonprofits in lieu of wedding gifts, set the tone for a new wave in high-profile social responsibility.

With consumers becoming consistently savvy and businesses more accountable, sustainability is definitely on companies’ radar. As Michelle Oliver of Mars Corporation recently said at last year’s Cannes Lions panel, “It is just business common sense for a company to want to be here on a sustainable planet, in a sustainable way.”

4 Additionally, tying sustainability into your event makes your guests feel like they’re part of something positive. We all know that party rental items are one of the most sustainable things you can add to your event. And at an event, you have everyone’s focus and attention: why not use it do good whenever you can

Need help planning your next event?

Peerless Events and Tents will help you bring your design dreams to life. Contact one of our helpful representatives, or browse our online party rental inventory to start planning your next event today.

Renting in the Off SeasonPlan Your Wedding or Event During The “Slow Season” For Savings and Unbeatable Perks!

When my wife and I travel to tourist hot spots, we almost always do so during the “off season.”  Not only can we travel at a 50% savings than “peak season” we also avoid the large crowds and long lines associated with summer travel.  Last February we took a trip to Dublin, Ireland:  Not only were we able to fly round trip out of Austin, Texas for $499, but were able to get luxury hotels rooms for less than $100/night and guided tours meant for 36-people with only 6-people on the tour (in one case we took a train/bus tour to southern Ireland and were the only ones on the tour!  We had our own personal guide for the entire day!)

The rental business runs the exact same way.  During the busy months, we are inundated with weddings and events.  Our installers and delivery personnel are working long days, and entire lines of our rental inventory are totally booked daily.  During these months there is no chance of getting any “better pricing,” we have actually gone to a “dynamic pricing scale” where we increase our normal pricing up to 50% to take into account the high demand for the very limited resources of equipment and manpower.  While we are known for giving exceptional customer service no matter what time of year, the fact is clients in the busy months may be one of a few hundred clients and one can certainly understand that the special perks they get when “it is just them and the tour guide” can’t be offered in our busiest months.

During the off season when all rental companies are competing for the same slice of a very small pie it is possible to receive monetary discounts or upgrades in equipment at no cost.  What a great way to stretch the budget by getting chiavari chairs for the price of garden chairs or to negotiate a tent liner at no additional charge.  Don’t care about upgrades?  Negotiating a 10% (or more) discount off the total tab is not unheard of during the off season.  During the off season, it is much easier for dispatch to meet special delivery windows and having your rental items delivered by a fresh installation/delivery crew, that does not have multiple deliveries scheduled after yours, means they have the flexibility to go the extra mile. 

So what are the seasons? 

The absolute busiest time of the year for rentals in Texas is mid-September through mid-October.  As a matter of fact during that 30-day span, most rental companies will be completely sold out of all equipment, so if you don’t reserve early, you will have trouble securing the equipment you want.  Need to add last minute equipment during the busy season?  We ask our clients not to push their luck during this time of the year as last minute add-ons may not be possible. Mid-March thru Mid July and mid-September thru the end of November are considered on-season.  While not as crazy as mid-September thru mid-October the chances of any kind of upgrades or price discounting are extremely rare and dynamic pricing is in effect many of these months.

That brings us to off-season.  The months of January thru mid-March and mid-July – August and December are prime times to stretch your budget.  Not only will you be able to stretch your budget on pricing, but many of these months are also temperate in our almost non-existent winters. Climate control may not be needed resulting in savings of thousands of dollars!

Whatever date you decide to have your wedding or event know that we at Peerless Events and Tents will do everything within our power to give you an experience that is unmatched in the rental industry.  Regardless of how busy we are, our tents and white chairs are washed every time they are used to ensure that your rentals are clean and beautiful for your event and if you were ever to have an issue or a question we can be reached 24-hours a day – 7-days a week.  So when we say From Tent Top – To Table Top – We’ve Got You Covered!  We mean it!

Keeping Your Event “Cool” This Summer

As temperatures rise as we get closer to the summer months we are often asked, “What are the options for cooling our event area?”. The good news is there are several cooling options to accomplish this, and this blog will address the most common methods.

Tent Rentals

Simply renting a tent and putting it up in any area provides shade and will give anyone under it a respite from the glaring hot sun. All of our tents are made from a 16-ounce blackout vinyl. This is very important as many of our competitors (especially the “discount” rental companies) use a cheaper vinyl that is not blackout. Vinyl is made by applying layers of “liquid vinyl” (for lack of a better word) over what is called scrim (which looks like window screen material). The more the vinyl weighs (once again ours is minimum 16 ounce per square foot) the thicker the vinyl is. To give the vinyl it’s “blackout” characteristic a layer of black material is placed in the center of this layering. So why is blackout vinyl so important? Think about taking a bed sheet outside on a hot sunny day and hanging it over your head – will it provide some shade and cool the area down? The answer is yes, but sunlight will still come through as heat whereas a blackout vinyl will completely block any sunlight from permeating the tent and provide maximum shade and cooling. While it is always best to leave the sides of the tent completely open if you must have sidewalls we offer mesh sidewalls which still allow some breeze to move thru the tent.

Fan Rentals

Not to talk down to anyone but the basics of a fan is to cool you down by moving the same ambient temperature of the air across your moist (or sweaty) skin which in turn cools you down. It’s not a very glamorous way to cool down, but we can all agree it feels great on a hot summer day. We offer fans that mount to our side poles on our pole and frame tents which you may choose to have on every side pole or every other side pole around the perimeter of your tent depending on your budget. We also have 30″ pedestal fans which have the added flexibility of being used with or without a tent. For our structure tents, we even carry 60″ Big Ass (brand name not being a potty mouth) fans which are mounted on the ceiling of the tent and move large amounts of air with little to no noise.

Evaporative Cooling Fans

Evaporative coolers work on the same premise as a fan with one significant difference. Water is run over a “radiator” made of cardboard or foam. Behind this radiator is a fan that draws in the hot ambient air and pushes it through the water drenched radiator which in turn cools the air by 7 to 12 degrees. Unlike a traditional fan where you are cooled by air hitting the moisture (sweat) of your skin, the evaporative cooler’s air is blowing through the radiator which provides that cooling moisture. In short, you don’t have to already be hot and sweaty to feel the cooling effects of this air, microscopic amounts of water travel with the air from the fan giving you the same effect. Of great importance is the fact that the air is not being “conditioned” (like an air conditioner) therefore the actual air blowing from the evaporative cooler itself must physically hit you to give you the cooling effect. Evaporative Coolers are great to use with or without a tent and work wonderfully on a patio for that afternoon BBQ.

Misting Fans Rentals

While we do carry misting fans, they are better suited for festivals or sporting events. Misting fans spray a fine mist of water which contacts your skin which is then cooled off by the air movement of the fan.

Air Conditioning

The absolute best method for cooling an enclosed area (tent) is air conditioning. I will make the assumption that we all use air conditioning in our house, so I won’t go into the mechanics behind how it works (like magic), but air conditioning is an excellent choice for a tented formal event on a hot day. Although it is the most expensive of all options ($3.00 to $4.00 a square foot), it’s the best way to make your event comfortable for anyone attending your function.

As you can see we at Peerless Events and Tents only provide the highest quality tent rentals and cooling equipment. If you have any questions about cooling your event, do not hesitate to call one of our knowledgeable event specialists who can help you with the best solution. As we say at Peerless: “From Tent Top – To Table Top – We’ve Got You Covered!”


Eleventh Annual Best of Weddings Awards Honor the Top Wedding Vendors Across America

Peerless Events and Tents is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a 2017 ­­winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, an award representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples, their families and wedding guests on The Knot, the leading wedding brand and marketplace.

In 2017, only 2% of the 300,000 local wedding professionals listed on have received this distinguished accolade. In its eleventh annual year, The Knot continues its longstanding tradition of supporting local wedding vendors with The Knot Best of Weddings 2017, an annual by-couples, for-couples guide to the top wedding professionals across the country. To determine the winners, The Knot assessed over one million reviews across the various vendor categories—venues, musicians, florists, photographers, caterers and more. These winners represent the best of the best for wedding professionals that a bride or groom would want to consider in order to inspire, plan and book their own unique wedding.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us! As always, we are striving to bring our Brides & Grooms the best service, the best wedding rental items, and the best wedding tent rentals in Texas. Take a look at some of the events that set us apart in 2016.

DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

This pumpkin or gourd centerpiece is a great addition to the linen rentals, table rentals, place setting rentals, and serving equipment you’ll need this year for Thanksgiving. Follow our step by step guide to create your own centerpieces for your dining table or as decorations around the house.

Centerpieces to go with your party rental items

Needed ItemsSupplies for the DIY Centerpiece

To complete this arrangement, you will need a pumpkin or gourd, flowers, scissors or shears, a wet floral foam block, a knife, spoon, plastic wrap or foil, and a bowl of water.

Choose your flowers based your taste and color scheme. Wide opening flowers like daisies are great to help fill in the space. If you choose smaller opening flowers, like roses, keep in mind that you will need more to fill the entire area. Fill options such as baby’s breath or ferns will come in handing to create a sense of division and fullness among your flowers.



Cut the Top OffStart by cutting around the top of the pumpkin. Make sure you cut down far enough to leave plenty of room for the floral foam. You still want the pumpkin to round up a little so don’t cut down much further than ¼ of the way. SAFETY TIP: Always cut away from your body and other hand, if the knife accidentally slips out you don’t want to be in its way :-).







Scrape out SeeesUsing a spoon, scrape out all of the pumpkins seeds. FUN TIP: Pumpkin seeds make a tasty snack much like sunflower seeds. Clean your seeds with warm water, place them on a baking pan then lightly salt. Bake them at 350 degrees for about 10 mins – Yum!








Cut the plastic wrap or aluminum foil into a square that is large enough to cover the entire inside of the pumpkin. Leave extra so that some is protruding from the top of the pumpkin after you’ve pushed it down to the bottom. Then trim the floral foam so that it can completely fit inside the pumpkin.

Cut the plastic and foam

Remove your floral foam from inside the pumpkin and soak it in a bowl of water. Then place the soaked floral foam back inside the pumpkin and trim the extra plastic that is protruding from the top.

Wet and Cut

Now you are ready to insert your flowers. Cut the stems of your flowers to a length that is long enough to go at least half way into the floral foam and extend about 4-5” out of the top.

Insert into foam




Linens or No Linens?

This is a question many a party planner has struggled with….  It is important to remember that you are renting tables that are loaded and unloaded from trucks two to three times a week.  Although we wish they would stay scratch and dent free this simply is not the case.  Events like garage sales, crawfish boils and “back of the house” catering do not require a linen, but for most other events it is highly recommended that a linen be rented. In an attempt to satisfy every segment of the market we offer a wide range of linen choices.

postKwik Covers

While not a “linen” per say they are an economical way to cover the table. These disposable covers are much like a fitted bed sheet which covers the top of the table.  Because of the elastic border around the cover, these are an excellent choice for an outside picnic where windy days may make a traditional linen a nuisance.  With a wide variety of colors, Kwik Covers are an excellent choice for your outside event.

Poly Linens

Poly linens (polyester) are the most economical “real linen” available.  These linens are frequently used for any occasion from a baby shower to a wedding.  With a wide variety of colors and lengths (from “lap length” to 3/4 length to floor length) you are sure to find the perfect fit for your event.
Specialty Linens
For that extra special occasion, we offer a full line of specialty linens in a wide variety of materials, finishes, colors and lengths.  While there are too many options to list in this brief blog rest assured that your knowledgeable Peerless event specialist can help you every step of the way.
Table Pads:  If a smooth clean look is absolutely essential you may consider renting table pads with your linens.  These pads serve to remove any table imperfections while preventing the brown table color from bleeding through your linen.

Table clips: If you are using linens in an outdoor event you may consider renting table clips. These plastic clips fit the edges of our tables securely holding the linens in place.

Lengths: As alluded to earlier in this blog our linens come in various lengths. Depending on the width or diameter of your table your event consultant can recommend the appropriate length.  If doing an outdoor event, it is recommended that you select a lap length or 3/4 length linen as “floor” length will get dirty and not keep its elegant look.  Indoor events range from lap length for casual events to 3/4 or floor for more elegant.  The rule of thumb is the more elegant the event the longer the linen.

Considerations: While we want you to enjoy the use of your rentals and we understand food and wine stains happen, the use of markers (yes people actually do this!) and candles on linen will certainly ruin them and therefore would result in replacement charges applied.
I hope this Blog has answered any questions you might have as to whether or not to rent linens and if so what type and length you should consider. You can browse our linen rentals by color and our event specialists are always standing by to answer any questions you might have concerning rental of linens (or anything else for that matter).  We hope you have a wonderful event!

To all our clients who made this possible, Thank You!

Since the inception of Bratt Productions, Inc. which is now doing business as Peerless Events and Tents our company has found it important to take a portion of our profits and support our local community. In the past we have supported local classrooms by donating supplies as well as donating to various nonprofit organizations. We thought it would be fun to incentivize our sales staff so that not only would they receive a small bonus for their efforts, but more importantly they would be responsible for cash donations to various nonprofits.

For the month of July we decided that our sales incentive would be to donate money to MD Anderson Cancer Research Hospital. Based on their hard work, we are proud to donate $1,000 to this organization which works for a common goal of “making cancer history”. Like the professionals at MD Anderson, we have always worked together to provide our clients professional service always exceeding expectations. Thanks to our hard working sales staff we are doing our small part to one day find a cure for the terrible disease.

We look forward to reporting the results of our August incentive program which will benefit Juvenile Diabetes Association who through their diligent research are on their way to make diabetes go from “type 1 to type NONE”. Juvenile diabetes is close to our hearts a Peerless Events and Tents as one our family members has lived with this disease and the daily ramifications of wearing a insulin pump every hour of her life. We would love to donate more than we did for the month of July and you can believe that our hard working sales staff is doing everything they can to earn money for this great organization.

Importance of a Tent Evacuation Plan

Tent Rental LightingWe have all heard the tragic news over the past few years of the stage cover collapse at the Indiana State Fair or the tent collapse in Saint Louis, Missouri where people were killed and severely injured by the falling shelters.  These sorts of incidents happen much more frequently than reported on the national news where people are injured (some severely).  What makes all of these incidents even more tragic is the fact that every one of them should have resulted in no loss of life or even injuries had the promoter/land owner/tent renter had a proper tent evacuation plan.

Regardless of how structurally sound a tent looks or how it is engineered to withstand winds; tents are never to be used as shelters in adverse weather.  Tent manufacturers often “wind rate” tents to withstand wind speeds up to 90 mph, but what one should always remember is that if weather is anything it is unpredictable.  Unfortunately, we have a personal example of how unpredictable weather can be when we had a 100×100 twin pole tent set up in central Oklahoma at a casino.  Casino cameras show heavy rain coming down with high winds.  While some people were running from the tent there is one segment where it actually shows a person running from a building into the tent!  Seconds latter the tent was hit by a micro-burst and it collapsed in the blink of an eye.  There were a few minor injuries, but one person sustained a compound fracture of his femur when one of the 400 pound poles struck him.  What is more frightening about this incident is that in two short hours the tent would have been occupied by 1,000 people attending a concert by a famous rock artist and most certainly the outcome would have been much more tragic.

The one thing that ties all of these horrific incidents together is that none of them had an evacuation plan that was followed.  Every time a tented event is to take place, regardless of the forecasted weather, an evacuation plan should be produced and ONE person should be tasked with the “call” for evacuation.  Special consideration should be given to the size of the tent, the number of expected guests, the remoteness of the site and closest suitable evacuation shelter. Emergency services phone numbers and event address with cross roads (remember 911 may not always be able to find you in a remote address) should also be written down so that they are easily accessible in case of emergency.  At some point early on in any tented event an announcement should be made on proper tent evacuation procedures, emergency exits and gathering point where guests can be accounted for. Before and during the event the appointee should make frequent inspections of stakes (ensuring they have not pulled out of the ground), straps (ensuring still tight) and poles (ensuring they are straight) and ensuring all egress areas are free of obstacles.  Anything that does not look correct should be immediately reported to us for further guidance.   Be mindful that you may lose power, which will add to the confusion during the evacuation so flashlights on hand are a must.  Once a tent is evacuated you should immediately call us on our after hours emergency phone (numbers are on your contract and published on our web site) and no one should be allowed back in the tent until we have approved the tent’s structural stability.

The American Rental Association which is the trade group for party and event rental companies has published a pamphlet on tent evacuation procedures which should be read by anyone who is renting a tent (takes less than 10-minutes to read) and is published on all of our websites but can be accessed at

Tents are a great way to expand the outdoor space while providing protection from the sun and rain.  A little planning upfront may prevent injuries and/or save lives in the event that severe weather makes an appearance to the tented event.  You may also email the author of this blog at with any questions or guidance needed.

Even the Best Event Locations Need Help Sometimes

Every year clients come to us with amazing locations to hold events which were not originally intended to be event locations. With a little help from us, our clients have turned all kinds of spaces and locations into unique and visually stunning venues for parties and events.

Write Spot, Wrong Surface

There are so many amazing scenic places that would be perfect for an event if only the surface was flat, clean and dry. That’s where our expert team of rental professionals comes in! We are able to install sub-floor rentals and build large raised stages to accommodate 1000’s of people. Get in contact with us to see how we can transform your unique location into a venue that will be memorable and unique.

Subfloor Build
We can turn empty lots with unfinished muddy ground into the perfect place for an event!

Subfloor City Lights
This concert enjoyed a beautiful backdrop of city lights and solid ground after we installed over 70,000 square feet of sub-flooring.


Swimming on the job.
Our guys will gladly go for a swim on the job!


Deck over Pool
Swimming pools are great for pool parties but take up a lot of valuable venue space when you’re having a formal event. Our pros installed this pool deck to make more room for guest!


Write Spot, Wrong Size

Many times our clients will come to us with a location that is perfect for one of our tent rentals but does not match the normal sizes of tents we have for rent. Or they may have the space but have obstacles such as trees, fountains, or light posts that need to be built around. We’re happy to take on the challenge and have come up many unique ways to work around obstacles.

Tree Through Frame
Not only can we level uneven surfaces with our staging we can also build around all types of obstacles.

Tree in Tent
No trees were harmed in the making of this event! In fact they were invited to attend.


24X80 Custom Size
This tent is a 24’ Wide by 80’ Long frame tent which was custom made to fit perfectly on this walkway.



Great View
Our crystal clear side walls allow us to heat and cool the tent without losing view to the amazing gardens at this venue.




The martini glass may be the most iconic cocktail glass of all time but there are many more uses for the martini glass than just enjoying an after work beverage. Whether you enjoy your martini shaken or stirred, you know it will be served in that familiar glass. The possibilities are truly endless with the ways you can get creative with your martini glasses.

Let’s start with dessert

The martini glass can make a great serving dish for a variety of deserts. Martini glasses work great for ice creams/yogurts, cake, pie, and much more. If you can serve it in a dish you can serve it in a martini glass.


I’ll have the soup

Who says soup needs to be served in a bowl every time? Mix it up a little and try surprising your guests with soup in a martini glass. It works just as well and will be a great conversation piece for your company. Don’t forget the salad with your soup! Try using the martini glass to serve fresh salad at your next gathering as well.


H’orderves anyone?

Another great way to utilize the martini glass is plating (or in this case glassing) of appetizers. Get creative with fruits and veggies to make some unique snacks. Martini glasses are perfect for loaded mash potatoes and shrimp cocktails.



Martini centerpieces

One of the most underutilized uses for the martini glass is its use in décor. Martini glasses can make excellent centerpieces. They make great candle holders that can be jazzed up with a little greenery. They also make great potting for small indoor plants. The glasses can also be used as a small vase for flowers.



We have barely scratched the surface of how your glassware rentals can be used in unique and exciting new ways to really impress your guests. Just try to think outside of the box and you too can come up with fun ways to use the martini glass rentals.