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Guide to Choosing the Right Outdoor Tent Rental

Planning an event means calling various vendors and preparing to host people for a special gathering. You want to make sure that every part of the event is perfect and that guests will enjoy their time. A major aspect of event planning is the venue. Will this gathering be inside or outside? Outside gatherings have many variables, but hosts can make a smart decision by renting an outdoor tent for their special occasion.

Choosing to rent a tent for your gathering offers numerous benefits for guests and the logistics of the event. You can choose from different types of tents for events of all sizes and tents that will work best with the type of event you’re hosting.

If you need some assistance finding an outdoor tent for your event, budget, and style, learn all of the types of tent rentals to choose from and considerations to go over before renting.

Tent Rental Options and Styles

Parties and gatherings come in all shapes and sizes, and the same is true for rental tents. Certain tents provide more benefits for gatherings than others. Learn about the features of each type of tent and see which style would be the best option for your gathering:

1. High Peak Tents

high peak tent uses tension cross cables to maintain its structure and allows optimal space for smaller gatherings. Depending on its use, it can accommodate around 12 to 32 guests. High peak tents are also a great addition to large gatherings as a separate area for food, dancing, games or any other activity.

2. Pole Tents

An outdoor tent rental you’ve likely seen at an event is a pole tent. Pole tents use a basic tension method to maintain their structure. Ropes are anchored to the ground to keep the poles around the perimeter of the tent in place. Poles are also placed in the center of the tent to keep the canopy up and complete the structure of the tent. 

Since pole tents use stakes to stay secure, they’re suitable for grassy locations, but require additional space around the perimeter to secure it. You can also choose concrete anchor styles to secure a pole tent on more solid ground. Pole tents, with their sweeping curves, are useful for weddings, graduation parties and other outdoor events.

3. Sailcloth Tents

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing tent for an event, a sailcloth tent (comparable to “Sperry Tent”) is an excellent option. Sailcloth tents use a transparent canopy material than traditional tents. The material is lighter and more see-through, allowing natural light to shine through the tent during an outdoor event. Sailcloth tents come in various shapes and dimensions to host elegant gatherings. As a business owner, you can use a sailcloth tent to offer a luxurious outdoor covering for clients.

4. Frame Tents

frame tent is an excellent choice when you need a generous amount of space and versatility for where you can place the tent. Frame tents have a strong and durable structure that supports the canopy and doesn’t require additional space on the perimeter for ballasting, so you can fit a larger tent in a confined area. They also don’t use any center poles, which gives you more space to utilize under the tent for your event. 

Frame tents are great for numerous events, especially those that require long-term setups. These events can include fairs, markets, and more.

5. Structure Tents

If you’re hosting a long-term event that requires a tent to cover a large area, structure tents are the best option, with sizes anywhere from 10’x10′ to 200’x600′. Once your tent rental company installs a structure tent, it can be left up for as long as your event lasts. Structure tents are beneficial for large and long-term events because their design includes a durable frame and large profile with will stand up against many outdoor elements. 

These big tents for events also look professional and are useful for events like concerts, weddings, markets, and other events that last for a few days to over a year. These large event tents offer plenty of space to plan detailed events, making them suitable for business owners and event organizers to rent. 

Tent Sidewall Options

Tent Sidewall Options

Along with the type of tent you choose, you can include sidewalls to your rental tent to enhance your event space. Check out the different types of sidewalls that can enhance your outdoor rental tent:

  • Solid sidewall: A solid sidewall completely encloses the tent without allowing any light in through the material. The benefits of a solid sidewall are enhanced privacy for your event and protection against rain, wind, and other outdoor elements. The solid sidewalls also darken the inside of your tent and allow you to include other light fixtures for your event.
  • Window sidewall: A window sidewall has clear windows that resemble a glass pane home window. These are great to allow light inside your outdoor tent while protecting guests from outdoor elements. 
  • Mesh sidewall: If you still want to enclose your rental tent but would like some airflow throughout the space, mesh sidewall will provide you with what you’re looking for. Mesh sidewall secures your tent with mesh fabric, allowing air inside your tent while still protecting the inside from bugs or debris. You’ll still allow plenty of outdoor light inside to illuminate the party. 
  • Clear sidewall: If you still want to see the beautiful outdoor location you’ve selected for the event but enclose the area and protect guests from weather, debris or bugs, choose a clear sidewall along with your rental tent. A clear sidewall gives you the benefits of both a solid sidewall and a completely open tent. You can still look out at the wonderful scenery of your location while still being completely enclosed inside your tent. 

With all of the types of tents to choose from, you’ll surely find the perfect match for your event. If you’re contemplating between two types of tents or need some more information on styles and choices, a professional from your tent rental company will be able to help in the decision-making process. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Tent for an Event

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Tent for an Event

You know all of the rental tent styles and types available for your next event. You also might have a good idea of how each tent will benefit a certain event, but what else should you consider when choosing a rental tent for your special gathering?

Events have many variables, including guest list, location, theme, time of year, and plenty of other aspects you should consider throughout the planning process. Before you pick a tent-style solely because of its visual appearance, create a list of the following details so you can select a tent that will make your gathering fun and run smoothly.


Every rental tent has a different design that requires a specific setup process. Because of their design, some tents might be better for setting up on a softer surface like a grass yard or field, and others may work better on a hard concrete or asphalt surface. Noting the surface of your event space is essential for a tent rental company because they must know if it’s possible to set up a certain tent at a location. 

For example, if you’re hosting a party at your house and you want a tent to cover your driveway, you’ll need a tent that’s suitable for a hard surface. If you thought a pole tent would work, it’s not your best option. A pole tent would need anchors to help secure the tent down on a hard surface because of the way its structure works. A better option for your driveway would be a frame tent or a tent with a similar setup process. 

Amount of People

One of the most crucial aspects of hosting a party is creating a guest list. The number of people you invite will determine how much food you’ll order from the catering company, how many tables and chairs you’ll rent, and the size of the rental tent you’ll need to use.

It’s important to talk to your tent rental company about tent capacities and what tent styles and sizes will work best for your event. You want to ensure that your tent is big enough for all of your guests, furniture, dance floor, food tables, games, lighting, and any other event items. If you’re an event planner or business owner renting a tent, be sure to communicate guest lists and event capacity to get the best tent.


The first thing you may decide when planning an event is the location. Location is important for many reasons, including the selection of your rental tent. With location comes obstacles that certain tents can stand up against, like surface, weather and scenery.

If you’re planning to set up in a location that offers gorgeous views but is in a warmer climate, consider clear sidewalls. This selection will give you the views while also enclosing the tent to allow for air conditioning and combat the hot temperature. It’s also important to look for troublesome trees, electrical poles, and other items that could affect the rental installation.


Make your guests comfortable by preparing for bad weather if you know you’re hosting a party during a rainy or stormy season. Some tent frames are more durable than others and provide more security against bad weather. Structure tents are a great option for areas that are prone to high winds because of their frame and other design aspects. 

A rental tent shields guests from sunlight and a possible light sprinkle of rain, but other types of weather will require more than just the tent canopy. Tent sidewalls will be your favorite addition to your rental tent to help during inclement weather. Sidewalls will protect guests from a downpour or high winds.

The weather can get quite hot in Texas, especially during the summer months. A rental tent can help cast much-needed shade for your outdoor event on a hot day, but you can cool down your tent more by renting tent cooling equipment. You can include products like standing fans, tent-mounted fans, or tent air conditioning units to keep the party cool while the hot sun is beating.


Your event floor plan helps organize your space and ensure that guests have a place to sit and stand comfortably at your gathering. After you confirm your guest count and know how you want your floor plan to flow, share this information with your tent rental company to see what tents will be best. You want a tent that’s large enough to accommodate your floor plan and guests so chairs aren’t squished together.

Other Rental Items

You might be renting other items for your event, like chairs, tables, linens, photo booths, lighting, and other fixtures that will be inside the rental tent. Before you choose a tent, go over all of the rental items you’ll have and see if you’re able to hang up items on the tent like lights, backdrops, and other rentals.

If you have any tall rental furniture or fixtures, make sure they won’t hit the top of the tent canopy. Decide on a rental tent that will fit all of your rental items, guests, and other event pieces.

Size of Event Space

You want to choose a tent that will accommodate all of your guests, rentals, and other items. But you should also consider the size of the location or event space you want the rental company to install the tent in.

You may need to reconsider your location or your guest count if the tent rental size you need won’t fit in your event location. Also, think about the tent setup when looking into the size of the event space. For rentals like pole tents, installers will need more space to secure the stakes into the ground.

Your Style

You want all of the logistics of renting a tent to line up, but it’s still important to take your vision into consideration. Planning an event takes a lot of time, effort, and visualizing to create a successful party. If you have a vision of beautiful high peaks and lights draping along the perimeter of a large tent, share that information with your rental company. Your style should still shine through while accommodating all of the logistical aspects.

Access for Service Providers

If you include vendors like a DJ, catering company, photographer, and other service providers, check if there is an easy way for them to access your tent. If you choose a location that is far away from a parking lot or road, vendors will need to cart their equipment a far distance. You can accommodate them by offering transportation or consider moving your tent closer to the parking lot or road access.

What Type of Tent Should I Rent?

What Type of Tent Should I Rent?

Choosing a wedding tent, graduation tent, concert tent or any other event tent requires detailed planning. Hosting a party will open up an abundance of decisions that you may not have all of the answers to. Work with a company that can give you quality advice and expert information.

Contact Peerless Events & Tents for tent and party rentals at your next special gathering or event. We’re ready to help you choose the best outside party tent to rent that will best accommodate your party.