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Martini Glasses aren’t Just for Martinis

The martini glass may be the most iconic cocktail glass of all time but there are many more uses for the martini glass than just enjoying an after work beverage. Whether you enjoy your martini shaken or stirred, you know it will be served in that familiar glass. The possibilities are truly endless with the ways you can get creative with your martini glasses.

Let’s start with dessert

The martini glass can make a great serving dish for a variety of deserts. Martini glasses work great for ice creams/yogurts, cake, pie, and much more. If you can serve it in a dish you can serve it in a martini glass.


I’ll have the soup

Who says soup needs to be served in a bowl every time? Mix it up a little and try surprising your guests with soup in a martini glass. It works just as well and will be a great conversation piece for your company. Don’t forget the salad with your soup! Try using the martini glass to serve fresh salad at your next gathering as well.


H’orderves anyone?

Another great way to utilize the martini glass is plating (or in this case glassing) of appetizers. Get creative with fruits and veggies to make some unique snacks. Martini glasses are perfect for loaded mash potatoes and shrimp cocktails.



Martini centerpieces

One of the most underutilized uses for the martini glass is its use in décor. Martini glasses can make excellent centerpieces. They make great candle holders that can be jazzed up with a little greenery. They also make great potting for small indoor plants. The glasses can also be used as a small vase for flowers.



We have barely scratched the surface of how your glassware rentals can be used in unique and exciting new ways to really impress your guests. Just try to think outside of the box and you too can come up with fun ways to use the martini glass rentals.