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Linens or No Linens?

This is a question many a party planner has struggled with….  It is important to remember that you are renting tables that are loaded and unloaded from trucks two to three times a week.  Although we wish they would stay scratch and dent free this simply is not the case.  Events like garage sales, crawfish boils and “back of the house” catering do not require a linen, but for most other events it is highly recommended that a linen be rented. In an attempt to satisfy every segment of the market we offer a wide range of linen choices.

postKwik Covers

While not a “linen” per say they are an economical way to cover the table. These disposable covers are much like a fitted bed sheet which covers the top of the table.  Because of the elastic border around the cover, these are an excellent choice for an outside picnic where windy days may make a traditional linen a nuisance.  With a wide variety of colors, Kwik Covers are an excellent choice for your outside event.

Poly Linens

Poly linens (polyester) are the most economical “real linen” available.  These linens are frequently used for any occasion from a baby shower to a wedding.  With a wide variety of colors and lengths (from “lap length” to 3/4 length to floor length) you are sure to find the perfect fit for your event.
Specialty Linens
For that extra special occasion, we offer a full line of specialty linens in a wide variety of materials, finishes, colors and lengths.  While there are too many options to list in this brief blog rest assured that your knowledgeable Peerless event specialist can help you every step of the way.
Table Pads:  If a smooth clean look is absolutely essential you may consider renting table pads with your linens.  These pads serve to remove any table imperfections while preventing the brown table color from bleeding through your linen.

Table clips: If you are using linens in an outdoor event you may consider renting table clips. These plastic clips fit the edges of our tables securely holding the linens in place.

Lengths: As alluded to earlier in this blog our linens come in various lengths. Depending on the width or diameter of your table your event consultant can recommend the appropriate length.  If doing an outdoor event, it is recommended that you select a lap length or 3/4 length linen as “floor” length will get dirty and not keep its elegant look.  Indoor events range from lap length for casual events to 3/4 or floor for more elegant.  The rule of thumb is the more elegant the event the longer the linen.

Considerations: While we want you to enjoy the use of your rentals and we understand food and wine stains happen, the use of markers (yes people actually do this!) and candles on linen will certainly ruin them and therefore would result in replacement charges applied.
I hope this Blog has answered any questions you might have as to whether or not to rent linens and if so what type and length you should consider. You can browse our linen rentals by color and our event specialists are always standing by to answer any questions you might have concerning rental of linens (or anything else for that matter).  We hope you have a wonderful event!