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What do I need to do before you set the tent up?

1. Most cities/townships require a tent permit – call your city hall to inquire about this requirement and what you need to get this done. Generally, this takes up to 4 weeks to accomplish, so start early! Our staff can apply for, and if approved, acquire the permit for an additional cost. Charges are determined by city. Please contact our office for the permit cost in your city.

2. DIGS Test – call your utility company to perform a DIGS Test 1 week prior to us installing your tent to ensure that our 36” long stakes do not hit any utility lines.

3. If you have underground sprinklers, septic, etc., you must mark the lines with string or flags and point this out to our installers. We cannot see what is under the surface of the ground and take no responsibility for any damage to subsurface utilities/lines.

4. Clear the area. Please ensure the area in which you want the tent installed is completely free of all obstructions prior to our installers arriving.

Are the tents weatherproof?

Under normal weather conditions, tents provide a dry haven for outdoor events. Tents are temporary structures and ARE NOT intended to be occupied during lightning or high winds – evacuate to a permanent structure during inclement severe weather.