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Are sides included in the price of the tent?

Sides are not included in the price of our tents. We have several styles of sides to include: Solid, Cathedral Window, Clear, and Mesh. Please see our website for current pricing of all sides.

You can always have our team install the sidewalls with the tent, use the enclosed space to decorate, and then remove the walls yourself before the event. You can also have our installers leave the walls on-site and install them yourself in case of adverse weather. The walls take a short time to install or remove yourself, and we would be happy to explain how to do this, if needed.

NOTE: Sidewalls will “billow” or “flap” in the wind especially on Pole and Frame Tents. If a tight clean seal is important then it is recommended you choose a Structure Tent as the sidewalls are actually built into the tent, which greatly minimizes “billowing” and “flapping”.