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Wedding Rental Services in Texas

Looking for a tent rental for your special day? In need of a rain plan back up option for your outdoor celebration?  Peerless Events & Tents provides high-quality tents, wedding furniture and a variety of professional equipment for your Texas outdoor wedding. Our team of event specialists offers prompt, dependable assistance and top-notch customer service to meet your unique needs. Thrill your wedding guests with a beautiful tent complex — a single tent plus amenities such as professionally engineered flooring, lighting, linens, furniture and more.

Professional Wedding Tent Rentals

At Peerless Events & Tents, our structures are ideal for outdoor weddings. They can protect against inclement weather conditions and offer the comfort and style you desire for an intimate, elegant reception. Our tent rental packages for outdoor wedding receptions can include structure tent rentalspole tent rentals or frame tent rentals. While pole tents offer a lightweight, portable option, frame tents are ideal for interior draping and hanging decorations to complement your ceremony’s theme.

Structure tents, also known as span or tension tents, are exceptionally spacious and roomy due to their high, sloping ceilings and salient poles in the center of the structure. Create a unique and distinguished outdoor wedding reception with:

  • Sidewalls: Adding sidewalls to your tent allows you to hold your ceremony in any location around Texas. With sidewalls, you can install heating and cooling accessories to ensure all your guests remain comfortable in any weather conditions.
  • Outdoor wedding event decorations: Bring your wedding celebration to life with luxurious furniture pieces, lighting components and deluxe party rental accessories.
  • Amenities: Fill your space with portable restroom trailers, catering tents or lounge areas with sleek, sophisticated lounge wedding furniture rentals.
  • Flatware rentals for weddings: Choose from a variety of elegant China dishware and flatware rentals.
  • Pole accessoriesDecorate the poles of your wedding rental tent with covers or lighting accessories.
  • Tent liners: Tent liners are soft, billowy fabrics installed in the ceiling of your tent. When paired with leg drapes, tent liners create an elegant, classic aesthetic along with an airy, uncluttered ambiance. Tent liner wedding rentals are also an excellent way to conceal any of the interior framework details of structure tents.

Rental Services for Weddings in Texas

We tailor our tent rentals to your outdoor wedding by factoring in spatial dimensions, guest size, style requests and reception theme. We begin the process of planning for your big day with a site measurement so we can suggest ideal spatial arrangements, including furniture and amenity placement. Our event tent rentals come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any interior layout and can run as large as 100 by 360 feet.

To determine the right size tent for your wedding, we’ll factor in the number of guests for your reception, the size of any furniture rentals and the activities you want to include. Other considerations include how many guests you want to be seated at your head table and the size of your buffet area. Once we’ve decided on spatial requirements and design planning, we’ll discuss other logistics, such as a timeline and load-in schedule.

Want your guests to dance in style on your big day? We offer a variety of staging and dance floor rentals, including:

  • Black and white large or small panels
  • Cherry oak large panel
  • Black large panel
  • White large panel
  • Oak dance small panel
  • Pipe and drape rentals
  • Stage event rentals
  • and much more!

As a rule of thumb, plan on at least 20 to 25 square feet per guest if you plan on dining and dancing within your outdoor wedding tent. Plan on 18 to 22 square feet per guest if you plan on serving dinner only. For more details, check out our guide to tenting your wedding.

Rent for Your Wedding at Peerless Events & Tents

In 2018, we installed an 82 by 132-foot outdoor wedding tent in the countryside of Wimberly, Texas for a genuinely unforgettable experience. On the day of the wedding, several roads and bridges were closed due to torrential rains. The team at Peerless Events & Tents carried wood for the subfloor by lift across a bridge to the reception. Due to our determination and prompt installation, the bride and her mother were entirely unaware of the weather challenges we faced.

This is just one of many examples of how we put our customers first and are ready to overcome any obstacle to provide prompt, reliable service.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, we have the tent size and design for you. To make the planning process efficient and stress-free, we offer prompt response times and superior service compared to competitors. Add large tent rental equipment to your Wishlist to request a quote for your wedding. Contact us at any of our Texas locations to start planning your outdoor wedding event.