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Peerless Events & Tents is open and making ourselves available to assist with our neighborhood containment efforts. We’ve designed a handful of medical tent configurations which are gaining traction from medical clinics, hospitals and city-wide organizations. 

These disaster relief tent configurations are modular and can be scaled as testing capabilities expand. They provide alternative screening locations, as well as extended hospital space as the need for regular and intensive care patient rooms inside hospitals, continues to grow. These tents can also assist with minimizing the spread of contagious diseases and viruses by separating individuals who may be infected from other patients receiving care inside the hospital. 

Additionally, we’ve revamped our tent handling and sanitization process to ensure our equipment doesn’t play a part in further spreading the virus. We can provide additional sanitization services such as regulary tent top replacement with freshly sanitized product. While this dreadful disease is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, we at Peerless are ready to help our local communities in any way we can!

Rental Packages:

Our Available Medical Tent Rental Packages in TX 

To best serve the needs of medical personnel, we have designed several medical tent rental packages: 

20×20 One Lane Drive Through Package 

The 20×20 one lane drive through package is our simplest design. It is structured to allow individuals to drive through one at a time to receive testing without having to leave their vehicle. Both the tester and the patient will be protected from inclement weather by the overhead covering. 

20×20 Four Lane Drive Through Package 

With the 20×20 four lane drive through package, more extensive and efficient testing can take place. The single line approaching the testing center is split into four separate lanes so that four vehicles can receive testing services at the same time. Each of the lanes also has a covered tent.

Triage, Waiting Room & Exam Room Package  

The triage, waiting room and exam room bundle is our most comprehensive package. It includes a triage tent, which serves the purpose of dividing patients from others who may be suffering from other types of illnesses and injuries. Following the triage, there is a tent portion used for asymptomatic testing. Lastly, this package has a separate quarantine tent for those patients who are displaying contagious symptoms. 

Peerless Tent Rental & Delivery Services 

Peerless Events & Tents offers professional delivery services to ensure your choice of drive-through or medical quarantine tent reaches your medical facility or clinic securely and safely. 

Once it arrives, our team will continue to assist by unloading your tent package and assisting with its setup. As you aid others by offering testing and care during these times, we want to do our part by making the entire ordering and delivery process as quick and easy as possible for your medical team.

Medical Tents for Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Texas

Peerless Events & Tents has been serving vulnerable and medically fragile populations for over 15 years. Our team has aided in disaster relief with efforts ranging from supporting victims to assisting government agencies. Throughout our years of service, one factor has remained consistent — our prompt response to disasters and our dependable services. 

During unstable times, your medical facility or clinic needs to have secure and safe tent rental options to handle testing, treatment and quarantining of patients. If you are located throughout the Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio, Texas, areas, Peerless Events & Tents has a portable medical tent that can serve as your long-term option when dealing with large quantities of patients.

We carry everything from drive through medical tents to medical decontamination tents to handle your facility or clinic’s medical and emergency relief endeavors. If you have any questions about our options, please contact us.