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How to Increase Guest Comfort at Your Next Conference

The intent of all conferences is to pass along information to your guests. We all know that capturing an audience’s attention and retaining it is a challenging venture. Even the best speakers in the world will admit that it’s not any easy task. Anyone holding or organizing a conference needs to consider all of the factors that affect an audience’s attention. Taking care of your guests’ needs and providing a comfortable atmosphere is critical in ensuring that your guests are in the right mindset to listen and retain the message from the presenter.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

Creating a comfortable environment is critical for securing and retaining your audience’s attention when you are planning for a conference or meeting. The room lighting should not be offensively bright which would distract guests, and not allow them to relax and focus on the presenter. The presenter should be on a stage that is high enough for the back row of the room to see him or her from at least the waist up. If speakers are going to be seated during the presentation the stage should be raised even higher so that guest seated in the back row can see. If you are holding your conference in a tent rental then you should consider adding stage lighting so that your presenter can be clearly seen. A good presenter will use the entire stage, and part of what keeps guests attention is watching the presenter’s facial expressions as well as how he or she is gesturing and moving.

Guest Seating

Your guest will spend most of the time seated. For many conferences that means that in one day attendants will be seated 6-8 hours. Taking breaks every hour will help guests to fight off fatigue. During breaks in which guests are coming and going from their chairs, being able to easily access their seats will help them stay comfortable and happy. Aztec Events and Tents’ stadium seating chair rentals have folding seat bottoms which allow guests to exit and enter rows comfortably. They also allow for row spacing to be a little bit narrower so more seating can fit in one area. We’ve all experienced a situation where we had to sit in an uncomfortable position or in an uncomfortable chair for a long period of time. Even the best presenters will have a hard time reaching their audience if they are uncomfortable. It’s just hard to focus when all you want to do is stand up and stretch. Aztec Events and Tents is the only company in our area that offers thick padded seats specially designed for conferences, meetings, and other events where guests will be seated for long periods of time.


When the success of the next conference is resting on your shoulders you can use our padded stadium chair rentals to ensure guest comfort and help the audience focus on the presentation. Your presenter will thank you for helping him or her to gain the audience’s attention, and your guest will thank you for keeping them comfortable.