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Finding Creative Spaces for Events using Tents

Our clients are always amazed at the creative ways we are able to turn an empty space into an amazing venue for an event. Whether your goal is to increase usable event space to accommodate more guests, or to save money by not having to rent out an expensive venue, we have the solution; Tent Rentals!

Oh the Possibilities

Strictly Practical

The practical applications of tents is how tent rentals have become commonplace for events all over the world. From their humble beginnings as portable shelters for nomads, tents have evolved into precision structures that have a variety of capabilities and advanced uses today. Our structure tents can span widths of up to 98 feet, and are almost unlimited in the length they can cover. We also have hard walls which make climate control possible while adding extra protection from the rain and wind. Our tents are structured perfectly for being able to hang lighting, sound, and décor from the ceilings. These modern features have opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Imagine the headache and money you can save by having your next companywide meeting or party in the company parking lot. Having large company meetings or parties on site is convenient for employees, and tents can be set up to the exact size and specifications you need. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice any conveniences you would find at a traditional meeting venue. We can provide you with flooring, AC, stages, tables and chairs, as well as lighting and AV.

Think Outside of the Box

In the evolution of the tent from basic to modern one thing has remained the same; mobility. We have set up tents in some pretty unusual spots, and our rental consultants continue to come up with ways we can use tent rentals that both impress and inspire. With our concrete anchors we’re able to set frame tents up in areas that used to be impossible due to standard tents requiring stakes to be driven into the ground for support. Now we’re able to truck in concrete weights which means we can put tents on roof tops, in concrete parking lots, on tennis courts and even inside of warehouses or large buildings. The places we can set up tents are practically endless.

Standing on Uneven Ground

Whenever you build up a solid base is critical. This goes for tent rentals as well. When most people see a sloping hill or uneven lawn they automatically think “bad place for an event”, but our trained rental consultants see unlimited possibly. With our modular staging and hard flooring we are able to create a perfectly level venue location for guests. Adding a tent rental on top of the stage provides protection from the elements and optional climate control.




I Can’t Believe We’re in a Tent?

You should think of a tent rental as an artist thinks of a blank piece of paper. You can use a tent in its most basic form for strictly
practical reasons like protection from rain, or shade from the sun, but you can also let your imagination run wild and use the tent as a blank canvas. Like an artist who strokes his brush across the canvas to bring life, color, and creativity, you can create your own unique expression with tent liners, party rental equipment, linens, lighting, and décor. The amazing versatility a tent rental provides cannot even begin to compare to preset venues where carpet color, wall paper, lighting, and seating have been predetermined for you. With the blank canvas of a tent you have total control, and you can create anything your imagination can fathom.