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Even the Best Event Locations Need Help Sometimes

Even the Best Event Locations Need Help Sometimes

Every year clients come to us with amazing locations to hold events which were not originally intended to be event locations. With a little help from us, our clients have turned all kinds of spaces and locations into unique and visually stunning venues for parties and events.

Write Spot, Wrong Surface

There are so many amazing scenic places that would be perfect for an event if only the surface was flat, clean and dry. That’s where our expert team of rental professionals comes in! We are able to install sub-floor rentals and build large raised stages to accommodate 1000’s of people. Get in contact with us to see how we can transform your unique location into a venue that will be memorable and unique.

Subfloor Build
We can turn empty lots with unfinished muddy ground into the perfect place for an event!
Subfloor City Lights
This concert enjoyed a beautiful backdrop of city lights and solid ground after we installed over 70,000 square feet of sub-flooring.


Swimming on the job.
Our guys will gladly go for a swim on the job!


Deck over Pool
Swimming pools are great for pool parties but take up a lot of valuable venue space when you’re having a formal event. Our pros installed this pool deck to make more room for guest!


Write Spot, Wrong Size

Many times our clients will come to us with a location that is perfect for one of our tent rentals but does not match the normal sizes of tents we have for rent. Or they may have the space but have obstacles such as trees, fountains, or light posts that need to be built around. We’re happy to take on the challenge and have come up many unique ways to work around obstacles.

Tree Through Frame
Not only can we level uneven surfaces with our staging we can also build around all types of obstacles.
Tree in Tent
No trees were harmed in the making of this event! In fact they were invited to attend.


24X80 Custom Size
This tent is a 24’ Wide by 80’ Long frame tent which was custom made to fit perfectly on this walkway.



Great View
Our crystal clear side walls allow us to heat and cool the tent without losing view to the amazing gardens at this venue.