New Rental Items

Equipment Handling Standards

Our revised event rental equipment handling standards are rigorously enforced to ensure we are operating safely within our communities during this unprecedented time. We’ve incorporated all necessary guidance from the CDC and our local health authorities to take all preventative measures to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

What we are doing to ensure your rental is sanitized and ready to rent:

  • Dishware: All our flatware, china and glassware is washed using cleaning solution and water in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which exceeds the FDA Food Code. Items are then wrapped and enclosed ready to rent
  • Linens: Are linens are washed using detergent and high water temperature to sanitize the product. Clean linens are individually wrapped and ready to rent
  • Tents: Peerless uses our advanced tumbler washer technology to fully wash and disinfect all tent vinyl after each rental. Tent tops are then bagged and ready to rent
  • Other Event Rentals: Our chairs are all washed using an advanced chair washing system with high pressure water and disinfectant. Tables are sprayed down and disinfected in the warehouse as well as wiped down on the job site upon delivery. All other general equipment such as bars, coffee tables and lounge furniture are sprayed with sanitizer and allowed to air dry on the surface, in accordance with the manufacturer

What we are doing to ensure the health & safety of our Team Members:

  • Personal Protective Equipment is made available to all Team Members including face masks and disposable gloves which will be worn at all times including while handling our event rental equipment and interacting with clients
  • Each and every Team Member is routinely checked for virus symptoms including thermal temperature scans and response to a robust symptom checklist. Team Members showing positive symptoms will be immediately directed to their primary care providers and asked to take time off until fully recovered
  • We’ve made hand sanitizer stations readily available throughout our warehouses and showrooms in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio