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When Is the Best Time of Year to Get Married?

Planning a wedding is some of the most fun anyone can have in their lives. It’s a magical time of anticipation and making your dreams come true to achieve the perfect wedding day. Once one of you has asked the big question, and the other has said “yes,” it’s time to start making those important wedding prep decisions. One of the first questions you should ask is, “When is the best time to get married?”

Of course, the perfect time of year to get married depends on your desires and preferences as a couple. The best month to get married could be different for you than it is for the next couple. Take heart — if you want to know how to choose a wedding date, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to discover the best time of year to have a wedding for you and your future spouse. 

Getting Married in the Summer

Summer is one of the most popular times to get married, and for a good reason. School’s out, people are ready to take a vacation and seemingly endless possibilities await you. Summer brings with it a sense of freedom and beauty, but you should consider all sides before choosing a summer wedding. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of having your wedding in the summer.

Pros of a Summer Wedding

Summer is a fantastic choice for your wedding date. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Summer is perfect for destination weddings: Since many people have better availability in the summer, it will be easier to justify a destination wedding if that’s your dream. People will be wanting to hit the road or take a trip anyway, and your destination can be the perfect option for them to enjoy a vacation while also attending your wedding. Plus, the weather will likely great wherever you decide to go. 
  • You may get more “yes” RSVPs: Like the previous point, you may have better luck with your invitations since more people will be free in the summer. You can use this to your advantage by planning a summer wedding, and hopefully, the “yes” responses to your invitations will come pouring in. 
  • You’ll have plenty of outdoor venue options: If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, summer is a great season to choose. Most outdoor venues will be available to you, and you may have great luck with the weather compared to the other seasons. Spending time outdoors in the summer is a great pastime, and you can tap into those emotions by hosting an outdoor wedding. 
  • The weather is gorgeous: One of the reasons so many people love summer is because of its gorgeous weather. Warm, balmy days complement sunshine, luscious green foliage and an abundance of flowers and wildlife. These attributes can make for some great photoshoots, too. 
  • Many fresh foods are in season: Going off the last point, many varieties of fresh produce are in season during the summer. You can incorporate fresh foods into your wedding menu, taking full advantage of the vibrant and bursting flavors of the fruits and vegetables available throughout the summer. 

Cons of a Summer Wedding

There’s a lot to love about summer weddings, but there are two sides to every coin. Here are some other factors about summer you should consider before choosing your wedding date:

  • The weather can get hot: Everyone wants to feel comfortable at your wedding, especially if you choose an outdoor venue. The days can get swelteringly hot in the summer, and this can be uncomfortable for your guests and wedding party. But more importantly, it can be uncomfortable for you and your future spouse. 
  • Many venues could already be booked for the season: Summer is one of the most popular times to get married, so you could have trouble trying to book your wedding. Many venues could be booked months or even years in advance, and this can pose an issue if your dream venue is unavailable within your timeframe. 
  • The weather can be unpredictable toward the end of summer: People love getting married in the summer because of the great weather, but the weather can change dramatically toward the end of the season. Late August into September brings hurricane season to the East coast, and extreme heat can lead to wildfires in the West. If you’re planning a destination wedding to either of these locations, you could end up facing severe weather. 
  • Prices could be higher: Since summer is often peak wedding season, venues may charge higher prices to make the most of the high demand. Consider your budget if you plan on having a summer wedding. 

Getting Married in the Fall

If any season rivals the popularity of summer for weddings, it’s fall. Fall is a sensory experience, with so many tastes and sights associated with it, and it could be perfect for your wedding. Yet, like any other season, there are pros and cons to this beautiful time of year. 

Pros of a Fall Wedding

Here are a few of the pros of having a fall wedding:

  • The sights can be incredible: One of the best parts about fall is the beautiful colors on the trees. As the leaves start changing, you can probably imagine how amazing your wedding pictures are going to turn out. If you choose to have an outdoor wedding, the day will be even more magical with such incredible sights as your backdrop. 
  • The weather could be pleasant: Fall may be the best time of year for an outdoor wedding. The season brings with it much more pleasant temperatures and humidity levels than the previous season, summer. A fall wedding be essential if you and your future spouse’s hearts are set on an outdoor wedding. Everyone wants to feel good — and be sweat and frizz-free — during such a special event. Give everyone a much more pleasant experience by having your outdoor wedding in the fall.
  • You can enjoy fall-inspired food and drink: You’re probably familiar with how fall-inspired flavors come around every year in September. Pumpkin spice, apple cider and cinnamon are just a few flavors that feel like “fall” when we imagine them. You can incorporate your favorite fall flavors into your wedding’s food and drink to make it even more special — and delicious. 
  • Peak vacation season will be over: Fall helps to keep things simple since, for most people, peak vacation season will be over. More people may be able to come to your wedding since fewer people will have existing vacation plans. This possibility is also helpful if you want a destination wedding where your guests will have to travel. 

Cons of a Fall Wedding

It may be hard to believe, but the beautiful season of fall does have a few cons you should think about:

  • You’ll need to budget through the summer: Having a fall wedding may mean skipping your summer vacation. Weddings and vacations are both expensive, and enjoying an extravagant vacation before your wedding may leave your wallet more empty than you’d like. 
  • The rustic barn theme is popular during the fall: Many couples who choose to get married in the fall want to have their wedding in a rustic, barn-themed venue. This is a great choice, but it also means that other fall wedding couples will be thinking the same thing. Booking one of these venues could prove to be tricky, so make sure you plan well in advance. 
  • It could get too chilly: Fall has pleasant weather for the most part, but it could be unpredictable. The last thing you want is to plan an outdoor wedding and experience chilly temperatures. This could leave you and your guests wishing for some extra warmth during the ceremony or reception. 
  • The changing weather can wreak havoc on your skin and hair: As the weather changes from summer to fall, it’s easy for your skin and hair to dry out. These results can make you feel less confident during your wedding and your photoshoot. 

Getting Married in the Winter

Make sure you consider having a winter wedding, too. Read on to discover the pros and cons of this season. 

Pros of a Winter Wedding

Many people are unaware that winter weddings have several positive aspects that make them worth your consideration. Here are a few:

  • You could pay better venue rates: Since winter is one of the less popular seasons for a wedding, you could experience great rates and open availabilities at some of your favorite venues. This can help you save money while still having an incredible wedding experience. 
  • Having a winter wedding is unique: Most people gravitate toward spring, summer and fall weddings. Having a winter wedding will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Snow is beautiful: Depending on where you have your wedding, you can enjoy the beauty of snow for your special day. Snow is amazing to look at, but it can also make your wedding pictures that much more unique. Imagine the incredible contrasts between everyone’s outfits and the pure white snow behind them. 
  • You’ll feel more comfortable in thicker clothing: One of the worst parts of weddings during the other seasons is the potential for being too warm. Wedding outfits can be heavy and thick, making things uncomfortable and sweaty. In the cool of winter, these outfits are much more bearable and can even feel comfortable against the chillier winds of winter. 

Cons of a Winter Wedding

Now, it’s time to think about some of the reasons why you may want to avoid a winter wedding:

  • You may have to compete with holidays: Many special holidays occur during the winter months, and the people on your invite list may already have plans during these times. It could be tricky finding a date that works for everyone without making people put aside their own traditions to attend your wedding. 
  • The weather can be bad: Winter can have unpredictable and severe weather depending on where you choose to have your wedding. For instance, Texas winters may be cool and dry, but you could experience heavy snowfall or freezing rain up north. The roads can be so bad that it could be dangerous for your guests to travel in some situations. You’ll have to consider the climate of the location where you choose to have your winter wedding. 
  • You have less daylight: Winter is also the time of the year with the least amount of daylight. Having less daylight can affect the window in which you can take outdoor pictures and when you choose to have your ceremony and reception. 

Getting Married in the Spring

If you and your future spouse are interested in a spring wedding, make sure you consider both the positive and the negative aspects of this popular wedding season. 

Pros of a Spring Wedding

Here are some of the pros of a spring wedding:

  • The vibe of spring is perfect for a wedding: People love spring because it’s the season when the earth comes alive after a long winter. It’s a season of rebirth and renewal, which goes along perfectly with what your wedding represents in you and your future spouse’s life together. 
  • Blooming flowers and trees are beautiful: With all the newness of life comes a beautiful display of budding trees and blooming flowers. This can make a beautiful aesthetic for your wedding pictures, and you can also use these displays as natural wedding decorations, too. 
  • The weather can be perfect: If you want an outdoor wedding, spring could be the best option for you. Spring is a wonderful balance between winter and summer. You and your guests will love the balmy temperatures, gentle breezes and warm sunshine. 
  • There are fewer holidays to compete with: Spring also has fewer holidays than the other seasons. This can help you get more “yes” responses on your RSVP list and can make planning your wedding much easier. 

Cons of a Spring Wedding

There are many great reasons for having a spring wedding, but you should consider the following concerns, as well:

  • Springtime is allergy season: The weather is getting nice, and the world is coming alive. This is a great benefit of spring, but this also means the beginning of allergy season. The last thing you want is for congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and other symptoms to get in the way of your special day. 
  • The spring can be rainy: Whether you plan an indoor or outdoor wedding for the spring, the weather can be rainy. The rain can ruin a perfect hair day or cause the ground to become muddy. When it comes to spring weddings, planning your events around a certain type of weather can be a real gamble. 
  • Venues may be booked again: Once winter ends, it’s the start of busy wedding season once again. Venues will start filling up and may even start to charge higher prices to match the increased demand. If you wait too long, you may have trouble booking a venue or finding one you love in your price range. 

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