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An Inside Look at a San Antonio Backyard Wedding

One of our favorite events so far this year was a San Antonio backyard wedding in March 2019 that we completed with Sweet August Events and Danny Cuellar Trinity Flowers. Fay Seeman, one of our fabulous event consultants at Peerless Events & Tents San Antonio, shares how she helped the wedding planner and bride-to-be pull together this incredible day.


The event was a wedding in the home the bride grew up in. The mother is very creative and had ideas she wanted us to implement.

The Details

The guest count was around 400 and they really were insistent on not using tenting (except over the band) unless weather became inclement. The hosts wanted the open space for guests to sit, lounge, mingle, and dance. They had 2 specialty bar areas they wanted, one for the bride to showcase her love of wine and the other for the groom for his friends to enjoy his favorite whiskey.

Event Challenges

Working in a residential backyard always has challenges for loading and unloading.

The hosts have a very large, beautiful yard and the bride’s father really didn’t want guests to maneuver in the grass, so he wanted to floor it. But we had to position the floor, so we had a tent plan in place should that be necessary. They ended up cutting down some trees so the floor could cover more of the yard and avoid our cutting around the trees. The pool was off to the side at an angle so we did have to cut the floor at an angle in that area.

They also had a wrap-around patio and decks that we had to work around to transition smoothly onto the flooring we built. After the floor was installed, we had to build ramps where there were step-down areas as they had a couple of guests in wheelchairs. The load was through the back gate but had a long carry as the floor was over a 9000 square foot area.

Big Outcomes

The furniture was on site, the flower petals filling the pool and the gorgeous lights that were hung overhead by Eric Holtz Lighting ….it was absolutely magical. Everyone was so happy with how it all turned out. I cannot stress how wonderful the client was and how laid back they were. Made our job, even in tough moments, really stress-free. She even bought pizza for the crew. Had a builder guest come up to me and say how impressed he was with the stability and levelness of the floor.

Credit to Our Crew

Our scheduling was perfect. The guys were neat and left the job site clean daily. They worked fast and together. The details in the flooring and the cleanliness of the equipment were perfect.

Another vendor on site at the strike called me to say he had never seen a better crew….they were moving fast, neatly and were so professional. It made me proud to be a part of the Peerless team!

Final Thoughts

Working as a team with other vendors is so important. It lets us each do what we do best rather than trying to do it all. This was a great group of vendors…Sweet August Events, Eric Holtz Lighting, Trinity Flowers, and El Jarro Catering all worked together to make this day happen.

Fay Seaman Headshot Event Consultant at Peerless San Antonio

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Fay Seeman

Event Consultant, Peerless Events & Tents San Antonio

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