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A Tour for Two; Renting in the Off-Season

Renting in the Off SeasonPlan Your Wedding or Event During The “Slow Season” For Savings and Unbeatable Perks!

When my wife and I travel to tourist hot spots, we almost always do so during the “off season.”  Not only can we travel at a 50% savings than “peak season” we also avoid the large crowds and long lines associated with summer travel.  Last February we took a trip to Dublin, Ireland:  Not only were we able to fly round trip out of Austin, Texas for $499, but were able to get luxury hotels rooms for less than $100/night and guided tours meant for 36-people with only 6-people on the tour (in one case we took a train/bus tour to southern Ireland and were the only ones on the tour!  We had our own personal guide for the entire day!)

The rental business runs the exact same way.  During the busy months, we are inundated with weddings and events.  Our installers and delivery personnel are working long days, and entire lines of our rental inventory are totally booked daily.  During these months there is no chance of getting any “better pricing,” we have actually gone to a “dynamic pricing scale” where we increase our normal pricing up to 50% to take into account the high demand for the very limited resources of equipment and manpower.  While we are known for giving exceptional customer service no matter what time of year, the fact is clients in the busy months may be one of a few hundred clients and one can certainly understand that the special perks they get when “it is just them and the tour guide” can’t be offered in our busiest months.

During the off season when all rental companies are competing for the same slice of a very small pie it is possible to receive monetary discounts or upgrades in equipment at no cost.  What a great way to stretch the budget by getting chiavari chairs for the price of garden chairs or to negotiate a tent liner at no additional charge.  Don’t care about upgrades?  Negotiating a 10% (or more) discount off the total tab is not unheard of during the off season.  During the off season, it is much easier for dispatch to meet special delivery windows and having your rental items delivered by a fresh installation/delivery crew, that does not have multiple deliveries scheduled after yours, means they have the flexibility to go the extra mile. 

So what are the seasons? 

The absolute busiest time of the year for rentals in Texas is mid-September through mid-October.  As a matter of fact during that 30-day span, most rental companies will be completely sold out of all equipment, so if you don’t reserve early, you will have trouble securing the equipment you want.  Need to add last minute equipment during the busy season?  We ask our clients not to push their luck during this time of the year as last minute add-ons may not be possible. Mid-March thru Mid July and mid-September thru the end of November are considered on-season.  While not as crazy as mid-September thru mid-October the chances of any kind of upgrades or price discounting are extremely rare and dynamic pricing is in effect many of these months.

That brings us to off-season.  The months of January thru mid-March and mid-July – August and December are prime times to stretch your budget.  Not only will you be able to stretch your budget on pricing, but many of these months are also temperate in our almost non-existent winters. Climate control may not be needed resulting in savings of thousands of dollars!

Whatever date you decide to have your wedding or event know that we at Peerless Events and Tents will do everything within our power to give you an experience that is unmatched in the rental industry.  Regardless of how busy we are, our tents and white chairs are washed every time they are used to ensure that your rentals are clean and beautiful for your event and if you were ever to have an issue or a question we can be reached 24-hours a day – 7-days a week.  So when we say From Tent Top – To Table Top – We’ve Got You Covered!  We mean it!